XI AIEC Congress

Communications - Information for authors

Important dates

Fecha Plazo
05/30/2017 Deadline for abstract submission
07/13-15/2017 XI Congress AIEC


It is mandatory that abstracts must be written in english.

Abstracts must be submitted in a Word file (.doc or .docx) with the surname of the first author of communication”.

When sending the abstract please indicate the preferred type of presentation (oral communication or poster).

Deadline: Abstracts must be electronically submitted before may 30, 2017 to the following address: aiec2017vigo@uvigo.es

Abstract Model

 Microsoft Word Model

Abstract Submission / Help / Contact


Presentation rules of Abstracts

  • Letter type: Times New Roman, size: 10.
  • Text: justified with single-line spacing.
  • Title: bold and capital letters.
  • Authors: The first author will appear with first and last names. For the remaining authors please use abbreviation of the name followed by the surname. The surname of presenting author must be underlined. Please provide e-mail address. Text in italics.
  • Membership: please indicate with different superscripts if authors belong to different Institutions. Please detail Department, Faculty/Centre, and University/Institution. Text in italics.
  • Maximum abstract length: 2500 characters spaces included (including Title, authors and membership).

Poster communications

It is mandatory that posters must be written in english.

The measurements of the panels are 120 x 90 cm (high x width). It is recommended to include brief and clear texts accompanied by graphs and illustrative images. Please use a font not less than 2 cm for the title and at least 5 mm for the text in general.

The posters will be exposed throughout the congress, although the Poster session will take place on July 14, 2017.

Oral communications

Oral communications must be presented in Power Point format (either .ppt or .pptx) and will have a duration of 10 minutes (+5 minutes questions). The oral communication will preferably be done in English. In any case it is mandatory that the Power Point file be in English.

Congress Book

After the Congress, an e-book will be prepared with the contributions presented. The specific instructions for preparing the manuscripts will be sent by e-mail to the authors in charge of communications and will be downloaded on this website.


The general instructions to prepare the chapters for the Book of the 11th Congress of the AIEC from the distinct types of contributions are similar, although the maximum length varies depending on the contributions: Plenaries and State of the Art (6 pages), Oral communications (4 pages) and Posters (3 pages), following the corresponding model attached.


The manuscript will be published in black and white.

  1. Use the document EXAMPLE in format of Microsoft Word in PC. We recommend doing first a copy of the document, renaming the file with the Surname and Initials of the first author (ej. López J.doc), and on the same document rewriting header, title, authors, address and text.
  2. Maintain the margins of this document and the type and size of the letter (arial 9). All the text has to be written using simple space.
  3. Write the headers as in the document: in odd pages the authors and in even pages an abbreviated title, all this in arial 9. In the first page there will not be header.
  4. TITLE in capital letters, bold and centered. Authors: Initial of the name followed by the surname and centered. Address in italics, adjusted to the left.
  5. TEXT: it is suggested the following order: Abstract, Introduction, Material and methods, Results, Discussion, Acknowledgements and Bibliography. Use numerical bibliographic references to save space and the format shown in the example.
  6. FIGURES and TABLES. The Figures and the Tables have to be numbered. The figures need figure captions and the tables a title. Insert the illustrations in the text in the suitable place.
  7. Attach, besides, the illustrations, independently, in any of the following graphic programs: Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Powerpoint.

All this does not have to occupy more than 6 pages (Plenaries and States of the Art), 4 pages (Oral communications) or 3 pages (Posters), including illustrations.


The deadline to receive the contributions is October 31, 2017. The manuscript has to be send electronically to the address: jsoengas@uvigo.es.